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        Mobile Crusher

        The mobile crushing plant is widely used to deal with rubbishes produced in fields of construction and mining. It can also be used in fields of railways and highways building, hydropower project and metallurgy.

        Mobile crusher station display map

        Description:Based on the requirements at home and abroad, the mobile crushing plant is well-designed by our company. The most advantageous feature is that it is movable and space-saving. You can choose the site as you like.
                The mobile crushing plant consists of the crusher, the screening device and the conveying device. It is more like a medium crushing mill. The plant has equipped with the most advanced screening device which can operate under complex environment. In addition, the plant can be customized.

        Compositions:The mobile crushing plant consists of the vibrating feeder, the jaw crusher, the impact crusher, the cone crusher, the sand-making machine, the belt conveyor and the vibrating screen. (The machine can be customized).

        Advantages:1.Mobility: The plant can be extended according to the location of the resource or the construction, and be equipped with devices according to your various requirements. It can move smoothly on complex roads. 2.Integral structure: The equipment becomes easier to operate and more energy is saved. 3.Flexibility and adaptability: Each device can work separately. 4.Stability: These are the most advanced crushing and screening devices. 5.Time and energy saving: The material can be crushed at the spot.

        Mobile Crusher Technical Data:

        Model YDSPS-100 YDSPS-150
        Capacity(t/h) 100 150
        Max Feeder(mm) 500 630
        Hopper(m3) 12 15
        Feeder ZSW-380×96 ZSW-490×110
        Jaw Crusher PE-600×900 PE-750×1060
        Frame size
        (L×W×H) (mm×mm×mm)
        12894×2574×4078 11800×2950×4165
        Cone crusher PYB-1200 Null
        Impact crusher Null PF-1315
        Frame size
        (L×W×H) (mm×mm×mm)
        12400×2500×4189 8000×2794×4069
        3#frame vibrating screen 3YA-1548 3YK-1860
        Frame size
        (L×W×H) (mm×mm×mm)
        8640×2500×4046 9641×2730×4046