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        Hydraulic Cone Crusher

        The hydraulic cone crusher produced by our company is widely used in fields of mining, cement making, construction, metallurgy, etc. It can be used to crush iron ore, ferrous ores, limestone, basalt, granite, sandstone, conglomerate, river pebbles with fracture strength below 350MPa.

        Hydraulic cone crusher on-site operation plansHydraulic cone crusher on-site operation plans

        Introduction:Based on years of experience in manufacturing crushers, the hydraulic cone crusher manufactured by our company has introduced advanced technologies abroad Compared with ordinary crushers, this crusher has a high crushing capacity and efficiency. Iron can pass through the crushing chamber with the dual channels that is controlled by the hydraulic system. Unlike the spring cone crusher which has to stop for maintenance when the machine stops working suddenly, this crusher does not need to in the case because the material will be discharged with the help of the hydraulic system.

        Composition:The hydraulic cone crusher consists of the base, the eccentric sleeve, the transmission shaft, the fixed cone, the mobile cone, the feed opening and the hydraulic system.

        Working Principle:During operation, the motor drives the sleeve to rotate through the belt wheel or coupling. Under the force of the rotating sleeve, the transmission shaft and the cone swing periodically, which makes the surface of the cone come near to the surface of the mantle periodically. The material is crushed and discharged during the process.

        Advantages:1.High productivity and reduction ratio: The hydraulic safety structure can guarantee the machine to work regularly and safely. The spring cone crusher has to stop for maintenance when iron exists or the machine stops working suddenly. Unlike it, this crusher does not need to in the case because the material will be discharged with the hydraulic system. 2.The discharge opening is adjustable and easy to operate. 3.The unique chamber design improves reduction ratio, productivity and percentage of cubical finished products. 4.The special sealing feature decreases the possibility that oil and water are mixed together. 5.The surface of the mantle and the cone is made from wear-proof material, which can prolong the service time of the machine by 35%-82% compared with old cone crushers. 6.Hydraulically actuated system reduces downtime.

        Hydraulic Cone Crusher Technical Data:

        Model Cavity Min.discharge size
        Motor power
        Dia.movable cone
        HPC-160 C 13 150 120-240 160 13 950
        F 6 76 55-180
        HPC-220 C 13 225 150-430 220 18 1160
        F 6 86 90-260
        HPC-315 C 13 290 190-610 315 26 1400
        F 6 100 108-320
        HPC-400 C 13 320 230-700 400 33 1500
        F 6 110 145-430