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        High-Efficiency Complex Crusher

        The HP(high performance)compound crusher is widely used in field of mining, cement making, building materials making. It can crush hard materials like slag, coal gangue, phosphate ore, burn coal ash whose fracture strength is less than 220MPa. It is especially suitable for sand making and rock processing in building highways.

        High-efficiency complex crusher product map

        Description:The HP(high performance) compound crusher, widely used in fields of mining, cement, building industries for fine crushing, can crush materials with medium-hardness(fracture strength≤200MPa)like slag, coal gangue, phosphate ore, burn coal ash, etc.
                Market-driven, the modern HP compound crusher designed by our company has adopted advanced technologies abroad. It is efficient, energy saving and environmentally friendly.
                The production of cement aggregate has benefited a lot from the crusher. At present, our crushers have been used in many cement mills.

        Working Principle:During operation, the material drops straightly into the impeller which is rotating at a high speed. Because of the eccentric force, the material will strike with the material which disperses around the impeller like an umbrella. Afterwards the material between the impeller and the shell whirls and collides with each other. The required size of finished products can be obtained by the screening device.

        Advantages:1.Multi-crushing methods available: The crusher has made full use of principles for primary and secondary crushing, the pressing principle used in roller crushers, and the principle of material striking material. Based on these, it has the features of the hammer crusher which has good reduction ratio and fine finished products, features of the impact crusher which is energy saving and has high productivity. 2.Energy-saving, well-sealed and environmentally friendly. 3.Flexible adjusting can control the size effectively. 4.A 1/3 reduction in investment and 1/2 reduction in energy. 5.Modern design and easy to operate and maintain.

        High-Efficiency Complex Crusher technical Data:

        Model Maximum feeding size
        Material Grain Size
        Average Material-
        discharging Grain
        size (mm)
        Motor Power
        Dimensional Size
        GXF-40 <450 3-5 25-45 75 12 2231×1940×2168
        GXF-60 <500 5-8 45-65 110 16 2231×2478×2168
        GXF-80 <500 5-8 65-85 132 21.5 2550×2850×2670
        GXF-100 <600 5-8 85-110 185 24.5 2550×3120×2670
        GXF-120 <600 5-8 110-130 200 27 2550×3390×2670
        GXF-160 <700 5-8 130-180 250 32 2793×3140×3014
        GXF-200 <700 5-8 180-220 280 40.3 2793×3410×3014
        GXF-300 <1000 8-12 240-320 450 55 3233×3880×3466
        GXF-400 <1000 8-12 340-420 560 65 3670×4180×4135
        GXF-500 <1000 8-12 420-520 710 75 3670×4500×4135