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        Sand Washer

        Sand Washer is widely used in the construction of plants, gravel factories, hydropower station and concrete dam site, etc.

        Sand Washer site operation plans

        Description: Widely used in road building, water conservancy and construction, the machine is used to eliminate impurities like powder and mud in the sand.
                The machine is equipped with an angel of 15°. At the bottom of the chute, three pieces of weir form a tank with a helix head in it.
                The screw driven by the motor through the reducer rotates continuously. Water is injected through holes on the plate at the bottom of the tank. 
                Cleaning, dehydration and classification can be realized in the machine.

        Working principle:When the motor begins to work, the impeller is driven by the motor through the reducer. The stones will move with the impeller under the water. Impurities and water are removed from sandstones, and overflow from the tank. The sandstones will be thrown into the discharge manger.

        Composition:The machine consists of the motor, the reducer, the shell, the spiral body, pieces of weir, the pulley, the chute, etc.

        Sand Washer technical Data

        Model Screw diameter
        Chute length
        Feed size
        Processing capacity
        Screw speed
        Motor power
        water consumption
        Overall dimensions
        Weight (t)
        XL915 915 7585 ≤10 100 21 11 10-80 8500×2810×3600 6.27
        2XL915 915 7585 ≤10 200 21 2×11 20-160 8420×3765×3960 11.11
        XL1115 1115 9782 ≤10 175 17 15 20-150 10970×3945×4720 10.18
        2XL1115 1115 9782 ≤10 350 17 2×15 40-300 10970×5250×4720 17.94
        XS2610 2600 3220 ≤10 50 0.8 5.5 4-4.5 3220×2125×2670 2.7
        XS3016 3000 3810 ≤10 80 0.8 15 10-20 3800×3686×3085 3.3