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        Large 6R Mill

        Large 6R mill is a  high efficient milling equipment, widely used in mining, chemical, building materials, metallurgy, refractory materials, pharmaceuticals, cement and other industries. It is a  new type of powder processing mill that can replace the traditional  ball mill .

        Large 6R mill

        Description:The 6R (6 rollers) mill is widely used to make superfine powder in a closed-circuit circulation in fields of mining, chemical engineering, building materials, metallurgy, fire-proof materials, pharmaceutical engineering, cement making, etc. The 6R mill is a new model and can replace ball mill. 
                 It can be used to deal with materials with Mohs scale of hardness less than 7 and humidity under 6%, and is not available to combustible and explosive materials. The size of finished products is within 80-1310mesh (The maximum size is 2000 mesh.) Products with sizes within 10-80mesh can also be produced if special devices are added to the machine.

        Composition: The machine consists of the mainframe, the selector, the pipe device, the blower, the crusher, the elevator, the vibrating feeder, the hopper, the cleaner, the integrated electric controller, etc.

        Features:1.The machine stands vertically and occupies little space. 2.Systematically: It can operate automatically from the primary process to the packing. 3.The percentage for the material passing the screen is 99%. 4.Enclosed cogwheel case and belt wheel are used as the transmission device, which makes operation more reliable. 5.The main parts are made from good casting with fine craft, which prolongs the service time of the machine. 6.The grinding device is well-sealed by overlapping. The emission is within the national emission standard.

        Working Principle:During operation, rollers rotate around the shaft. Under the force of highly pressed springs and the eccentric pressure, rollers come near the grinding ring. When the material is in the chamber ready for grinding, it will be ground within rollers and grinding rings under the force of the shovel. Afterwards the material will be sent to the analyzer by the blower. Products with required sizes will be brought into the collector by the air while the rest will remain in the machine for further grinding.

        Large 6R Mill technical parameters

        Model Unit YGM4528
        Number of Roller pcs 6
        Roller Diameter *height mm φ450×280
        Diameter of grinding×Height mm φ1600×280
        Host speed r/min 82
        Maximum feed size mm 35
        Finished size mm 1.6—0.045(Fine of up to 0.038)
        Yield Tons / hour 8—22
        Dimensions Meter 12.55×5.7×8.3