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        China-Africa Trade Reaches New High

        Date:2012-07-16    Source:


               According to the annual yellow book on African development released in Beijing, trade between China and Africa saw steady growth and reaches new high in 2011 despite the turbulence in some Northern African countries. Although some countries in Northern Africa faced turmoil last year, the impact of those events on the trade between China and the continent was limited.
        China is still exploring the way of reform and economic construction. In the future years, we will continue to focus on economic construction and vigorously promote economic development and social progress. As a long friend and a strategic partner of coordination, we pay particularly close attention to the development of African countries. For years, China has very sound relations of cooperation with African countries and the African union  .
        The construction of the AU Conference Center in the capital of Ethiopia, one of China's largest foreign aid projects was completed last year. The building is designed to play host to the annual conferences of the Pan-African organization. Today the new AU Conference Centre stands as a landmark of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, and a notable monument to China-Africa Cooperation. The 20-storey office block is the highest in Addis Ababa. Visitors can reach the height of 99.9 meters, a symbolic height that refers to the founding date of the organization on September 9th, 1999.
        Shanghai XiaZhou Industry Machinery Co., LTD, as a crusher manufacturing enterprises , we also contribute to the African construction projects. For  years, our crusher equipments have been sold in many African countries, such as Libya, Angola South Africa and etc. To some extent, we make our effort to maintain the stability of China-Africa trade.

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